Even best laid plans can quickly go awry and potentially scuttle an idyllic holiday. The Riviera Yacht Support team understands this, and using our tried and trusted contacts in all areas of concierge we can offer an unrivalled service that will take the worry out of this time-consuming and exceptionally important aspect of any charter or owner trip.


Luxury transportation and transfers

Riviera Yacht Support has a rich contact network along both the French and Italian Riviera’s and we are able to provide a luxury transport and transfer service that isn’t just a means to an end, but that will accentuate the enjoyment of the trip in full.

Punctuality, local knowledge and luxury vehicles are guaranteed, so create an onshore travel itinerary with confidence, and leave the rest up to the RYS team!


Rental vehicles

Luxury vehicle rental and crew car rentals are available with car drop off and pick-up from Monaco to Mandelieu.



The French Riviera and inland is home to some of the most spectacular and sought-after restaurants, hotels, clubs and events. After many years of working hard to delight the world’s most discerning clientele, we have at our fingertips a vast knowledge of what to recommend and also the relationships at key restaurants, hotels, clubs and with event organizers to make your dreams a reality.



The team at Riviera Yacht Support are always on hand to get your guests from A – B in as short a time and with as little hassle as possible. Whether crossing the Atlantic in a Gulfstream, going to Ibiza for the evening in a Citation-X or travelling to Monaco for the Grand prix by Eurocopter we will find the best option available and guide you through the steps to make it happen.



If you need covert or overt security personnel while in port, in town, or at sea; Riviera Yacht Support is well placed to organise the right team for the job and we have at our disposal professional local and international teams ready to handle any situation.