The year started with all manner of good intentions about keeping the blog and website updated, but alas the e-cobwebs have formed, and the third generation of e-spiders 2.0 are feeling at home in the unused cyberspace.

The reason for this ghastly inactivity is; amazingly enough; not due to excessive laziness, but rather due to an incredibly busy and successful season doing what we do best at Riviera Yacht Support... finding solutions to problems and  giving the  crew back the time to focus on their jobs, while we focus on ours. ( It also features a few fun filled captain and crew events thrown in along the way!)

Our Clients are fantastic, and we would like to thank them for making another great season possible! We'd also like to thank them for voting for us in the CREW REPORTS 50th issue.  Crew were asked to vote for what they thought were the best product and services in the industry, and Riviera Yacht Support was the only company doing what we do that was voted for in our area! Thanks guys! The relevant pages are shown below,  and also features an interview with Ulf Sydbeck the man at the helm of Riviera Yacht Support, and Louise Sydbeck, his wife and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate head of our wine division.

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