A General Attestation Printable Version and Online Version for Smart Phone

Attestation or movement within the area.  You are required to carry an attestation when going to or leaving the yacht or place of residency.  During the lockdown period you will be able to move for reasons mentioned in the attestation.

Going to and returning from work. A separate professional attention with the yachts stamp will also be required (see attached ) professional travel that cannot be postponed also for the purpose of an examination.

Purchase of essential goods as stipulated by the government. Including supplies for the yacht if the professional store is included in the list of essential companies that can remain open. Exercise for 1 hour per day and within 1km of your residence. Walking a pet. Helping a vulnerable person.

A doctors appointment.

For administrative or judicial reasons.    For those of you who already have flights booked we can provide the Agency Attestation to show at the customs desk.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or require assistance ,we remain at your service throughout this next phase of lockdown.

General Attestation
Professional Attestation

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