Here at Riviera Yacht Support, we have been receiving many requests for information and tests in regards to the Covid-19 and the lockdown.  We are doing our utmost to stay constantly updated during the changing situation.

In regard to the movement of vessels: unless under exceptional circumstances or if you have a declared home port (ownership of berth or long-term rental agreement) port access is not possible. We are hoping port access/departure will be allowed from the 11th May onwards. As soon as we know of this, we will keep you informed.

Movement of crew is possible but very restricted and requiring accompanying travel documentation and formalities made in advance. Please contact us for assistance in regard to this.

Please also find below the EU Guidelines of health, repatriation and travel arrangements for seafarers, passengers and other persons onboard ships as well as guidelines on best practice for hygiene, food and item handling and general prevention.

We can foresee a high demand for PPE equipment and testing starting soon and continuing for a foreseeable time. There are several different options for testing as below.


About Covid-19 Antibody Screening tests:

The test detects the presence of two key igG & igM immunoglobin biomarkers of Covid-19. IgM levels in the blood rise quickly and are detectable from 3+ days after infection with igG levels rising after 7 days.

The test detects both immunoglobin biomarkers together helping give an accurate diagnosis of the progress of the infection, including previous infection which could indicate acquired immunity.

Assisted Testing onboard:

We can arrange for a Doctor and laboratory assistant to come on board and test the crew with a CE and French Approved Covid-19 Antibody test. Tests samples will be

taken back to the laboratory and results will be given within a few hours on the same day.

Please note that we need a 48 to 72 hours’ notice to source the test and arrange for the testing on board.

Price € 132,00 ex VAT per person.

Self Testing Kits:

We can supply a finger prick Covid-19 Antibody self-testing kit (50 tests pack) developed for the marine industry, which provides detection of Covid-19 infection from a single drop of blood within 10 minutes.

This test kit is CE marked for professional use only, it is supplied to ships and professionally crewed yachts subject to the condition that the test be administered by the holder of an in-date Certificate in Proficiency in Medical Care at Sea (STCW Section A - V1/4).

Price € 1385,00 ex VAT, Lead time 2 to 4 Days.

Further spec here.

Kit description:

•             50 x Covid-19 test kit (test, dropper, buffer solution)

•             50 x disposable one use lancets

•             100 x Pre injection swab (70% Alcohol)

•             Instructions in English

Testing in Local Clinics and Laboratory:

Local clinics and laboratory can test for Covid-19, appointments are not possible and you can expect a long waiting/queuing time around potentially infected people.

PPE Equipment supply-

We are currently in the process of securing  PPE equipment. Of course, all in respect to the primary needs of the front-line workers. Contact us for details.

-Disposable gloves

-Masks FFP2

-Surgical masks

-Alcohol cleansing gel

-Alcoholic wipes

-Thermometers and thermal cameras

-Protective glasses


For further information please contact:  

Stay safe.

Kind regards

The RYS Team

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