We are sure that you are all trying to sift through the bombardment of information, rumours, updates and posts; it is not easy trying to keep up with the ever-changing situation.
Our aim is to try to help you with the current changes so that you can stay informed on the latest Covid-19 news related to the yachting industry.
There was an update from the French Government today, 18th of May, stating that a conference will be held on the Monday the 25th of May between the EU Ministers to discuss the possibility of the reopening of the European and UK borders by the 8th of June.
Considering this, cruising along the French coast and around the MED area, could be allowed to start again from this date.
On 15th June Schengen borders, could also reopen. If so, reaching Europe from an external Schengen country will be allowed with no restrictions of any kind.
We will keep you updated when we have the official confirmation.

CHARTERING:   Chartering is permitted in France following the latest government guidelines on travel restrictions and following territory rules and regulations for each department. More information is available by contacting us anytime.

CREW EMBARKING / DISEMBARKING – measures up to 02/06
Please note at present that whilst the EU, UK and Schengen borders are closed, seafarers can still join the Yacht for “work reasons” with the appropriate documentation.
Crew embarking must be previously approved by the Health Port Authority through a self-declaration of good health.
Disembarking must be also approved by the Health Port Authority accordingly with the procedures currently in force.

QUARANTINE: No quarantine is required to enter France from EU, Schengen or The UK.  Although there was a new update that a 14 Day Quarantine is required between France and Spain at this time. ( we will keep you updated)

Please contact us for assistance with all of your Covid-19 related queries.  

Stay safe, Stay informed

Your RYS Team.

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