Crew arrivals in France:-


Although yacht crew are not strictly included as part of the "International Travel Certificate to Mainland France"we have so far had no issue bringing in crew within Europe. From outside of Europe it is more strict and we have heard of some cases where yacht crew have been booked on a flight carrying all supporting documents but then not been allowed to board as they do not fall into the category of essential travel.This is especially so for South Africa. 


Yachts travelling with guests:-


Although yachts can arrive with crew from other countries. And despite mixed messages from authorities it would appear yachts cannot arrive with guests on board as previously thought. This would make sense in consideration of borders being closed currently for non essential travel. 

ECPY have provided a comprehensive guide for Yachts during Covid-19 specifically related to travel for guests and crew:

Click Here for Full 4 Page Yacht Guidance

Stay Informed Stay Safe

The RYS Team

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