As mentioned previously, we're well into the second decade of the third millennium, and I can't help but wonder what excitement this year will bring! Already planets and stars have taken it upon themselves to shift their positions in the cosmos and at any moment my Geminiian self may be transformed into a rampaging Scorpio... The unfortunate truth is I haven't felt any such changes yet, and think perhaps it may all just be Taurus SH#T!

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2010 was a Grand Cru year for Riviera Yacht Support.  We ran our operations from our new and improved HQ in Antibes , keeping our fantastic clientele satisfied and on schedule with their various charters, boat-launches, photo-shoots, wines and berthing requirements, fuel and constant stream of emergency requests up and down the Riviera. The economic downturn seen in 2009 may have loosened it's grip on this industry, but has forever changed it. Gone are the days when extortionate prices for very little service could be charged. It's all about the service, and at RYS this is our mantra! We aim to be the best Yacht service agent on the riviera, and are always looking to improve ourselves. If you have ideas, criticism or requests please leave a comment or contact us with it, and we'll implement it.

2010 also played host to our inaugural golf Bonanza, which was an unprecedented success!Bringing together captains, crew and leaders of the yachting industry together for 18 holes, a long lunch and plenty of networking.

The second and Superbly successful Ski-Bonanza was also held on the sunny slopes of  Auron in 2010.  It was a great day of skiing and snow-boarding. Complete with sunshine, a looong lunch and plenty of dutch courage before the after-lunch slalom showdown which took place on the green slope and settled old scores between nemesis!

2Busses, a sponsored breakfast,ski-videos, good music, many laughs,great prizes and the mother of all afterski's! Gear up for the next snow-bonanza, coming at you on Friday the 25th of March 2011. Watch our website, and "LIKE" our page on Facebook for more details and invitations.

Come and see us in Antibes, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, let us make your life easier in SUMMER SEASON 2011. we'll give you back the time you desire, so you can focus on your job, while we focus on ours.

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