Lu Kenhard is well known in the yachting community having started her career as a Chef on yachts at the age of 19. 

After 14 years working her way up the yachting industry on some of the busiest charter yachts and giving birth to her twin girls, she decided to launch an established USA based yacht wear company into Europe while her husband was on a new construction project. 

Overwhelmed with clients reaching out and still wanting, Lu to steer on their various projects, both large and small, LUXE & KEEL was born. 

LUXE because we want to sell the best products possible. Practical, durable, as eco friendly as possible and most importantly, comfortable and elegant. Luxury !

KEEL because the 1st thing you do when you build a yacht is to lay and KEEL. 

The foundations of LUXE & KEEL is based on knowledge of the industry inside and out and years of experience in the uniform sales process which are the foundations to delivering a quality service and product. 

What are you waiting for?

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