Dear Sponsors and Bonanzees.

After much deliberation and discussions, it is with much sadness that we now have to announce that the Riviera Yacht Support Golf Bonanza 2020 is cancelled.
We very much hope that you understand and agree with this decision. Even if we would have gone through with the event there would have been extensive restrictions in place that would have hampered the fun and games we all are used to.
Rest assured that we are still gunning to expand the Golf Bonanza to a fabulous two-day event next year ending with a Gala Dinner in a 5 Star Hotel in Cannes.
You will undoubtedly hear more about this and also about the Riviera Yacht Support Snow Bonanza as we approach these events.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep smiling!

Don't Worry We Will Be Back!!!!

What are you waiting for?

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