Riviera Wine testimonials and feedback

I wanted to personally thank you for the WONDERFUL wine tasting you organized for Young Partners in Yachting last night: it was an absolute success. Well done for your fantastic organization, your presentation, the food and wine pairing was a great. Really, all feedback received was super positive so a big thank you.

Frazer Yachts

Louise Sydbeck and the team of Riviera Wine have a unique way of sharing their passion for wine. Whether you are a fine connoisseur or you hardly know anything about wine, they know how give you a great experience. They are not just about delivering fine wine, they deliver unique moments.

Peter Murray Kerr

Knowledgeable teaching, different perspectives from different teachers and a very welcoming approach to teaching making it fun and interesting. I very much enjoyed the course and especially the sessions with Louise - she is lovely and had a grounded approach to wine.

Katie Mitchell
Galactica Star

All in all a fantastic course, enthusiasm of tutors was felt and absorbed. Learnt so much and very happy to have taken part. A privilege!

Renee Wiles
Galactica Star

Louise is extremely knowledgeable and has a friendly, easy and relaxed way of teaching which really helps learning. Excellent course!

Nina Morgan

It was a fantastic course and I really enjoyed it. It gave a general knowledge about wine while focusing on the most relevant topics and regions, The food and wine pairing session was also very helpful. I also enjoyed very much Louise’s way of teaching.

Petrea Roxana

Excellent course, clear and precise. Louise shows a real passion for wine during the teaching and this really helps learning. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about wine and look forward to the Level 3.

Heath McCormack

Fantastic course, Louise passion for wine is intoxicating!

Zoe Reed

The best course I have ever taken!

Louisa Boardman

I wanted to personally thank you for the WONDERDUL wine tasting you organized for YPY last night; it was an absolute success. Well done for your fantastic organization, your presentation, the food and wine pairing was a great. Really, all feedback received was super positive so a big thank you.

Alexia Eude
Frazer Yachts

It was an honor being taught by a Master of Wine.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the tutors, they were patient and answered all questions thoroughly by giving simple easy examples. I highly recommend Riviera Wine, Thank you!

Berna Lasoki
MY Arkley

As for the wines tasting you organized on board Roma during the MYBA show in Barcelona, it was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed the selection of wines that you proposed as they were all so different and excellent. We were lucky to taste these wines with the delicious food prepared by Daniel Stoma, the Chef. But, the most interesting part of this experience was your explanations about each and every wine, why it goes well with this food and the general knowledge you shared with us. Being a passionate Master of wine, you helped us discover and appreciate the richness and deep meaning of these interesting wines.

Nicolas Fry
Camper and Nicholson

Just a quick email to say thank you again for the WSET2 wine course last week. It was so interesting, well explained and has given me a real insight into the fascinating world of wine. You were a great teacher and clearly passionate about what you do. It is amazing how many extraordinary facts and stories about wines and the vineyards you managed shared with us over the three days. The morning on spirits with Campbell was a real eye opener - I do not drink spirits at all - and the peated whisky was quite something!
Straight after the exam I flew to Alsace for a few days where I was able to visit some of the vineyards and put my humble knowledge and tasting skills to practice.
Once I have managed to digest all of the details in the handbook, I would love to sign myself up for level 3 It was a lot to remember and I could only have wished to have received the handbook a few weeks earlier to have been able to fully read and assimilate more, ahead of the course itself.
I will recommend the course to all of our fleet yacht crew and hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the very near future,
Many thanks once again.

Gayle Patterson
Campers and Nicholson
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